Death has stopped, Heroes are once again needed.

Has the golden age passed or does the world still have enough for one more heroic quest, Death has stop working, those that do die comeback as monstrous nightmares or worst.

What is the Blight? In the last 10 years, the Blight of No Death has become truly noticeable, but some scholars believe it’s been going on for some 100 years or so.

At first, it was little things: flowers lasting longer in their half-withered states or insects that would persist when measures were taken to keep them away from crops or eliminate them failed. Then, it began to get worse—Livestock would not stay dead long enough to be cooked as food, undead began to rise faster, stronger, and more intelligent, though in a way more akin to madness.

Five years later, food supply began to run short as meat was now very difficult to make edible, and crops have been ravaged by unkillable fungi and vermin. Mass food shortages have brought the poorer nations into famine with no end in sight.

Within the last year, things have reached a new height of horror—the recently dead return within hours of death with bodies twisted and minds maddened with insatiable hunger for violence. On top of this, 5 years past, babies began being born soulless, with no conscious will, requiring constant care even as they grow in order to maintain their “life.”

This tragedy must end.


Legal materials are as follows Player’s handbook, Advanced player’s guide, Ultimate magic , Ultimate combat, Adventurer’s armory, and Advanced Class Guide, advanced race guide.

Starting level 3

Stats are rolled 4d6 drop the lowest reroll ones

You can pick one trait of any that you wish. another trait will be given by a roll for you Legacy mark.

Starting gold as normal

The Legacy

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