The lore of Aard

World Lore.

In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, the cosmic void spontaneously gave birth to the forces of time and space. In time, the energies condensed into the first entity of conscious thought: the first Aeon, Origin. For a time, Origin explored the void, but grew to resent the vast nothingness. Taking hold of the infinite aether surrounding itself, Origin began to weave, and in doing so, created the forces governing the universe – the cosmic children known as the 11 Aeons.

For eons, Origin and his children were happy together. They grew familiar with the universe that birthed them; learning to shape the infinite miasma to suit their desires. Eventually, it became not enough, and the Aeons again grew restless. After some pondering, the infinite beings decided to recreate the cosmos that created them, curious as to what could be created not out of nothingness, but of cosmic will. The Aeons, gathering the aether, pushing and pulling at the fabric of the universe, twisted and stretched until, with a cataclysmic bang, it began to tear, great geysers of stars and mana scattering into the void, spinning out of control, clustering together to form the first galaxies. Order and chaos swirled into being. Life and death. Magic, woven from the tatters of the old cosmos, clung to each world in vast ribbons and threads. And then, to the triumph of the Aeons, they spotted an amalgam of their cosmic meddling. Simple, unknowing, and fragile, though immediately obvious in its potential: Living beings. Their labour had been successful. Enthralled, they began to ponder their influence upon their progeny. They couldn’t give this new life a direct link to their power without scattering it like a wisp across the universe, debating on how to bring these beings to a comprehending state,

11 of the aeon’s took a small piece of their own essence, and from them created countless things call soul’s all save Grimm who choose to ferry the souls to and from the here after in the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

With souls things began again and life expanded changed and evolved civilization grew and fell. Concepts like war, art, law, justice, compassion and many other things started to form.

The Aeons found that they could not answer the new life directly their true forms where too powerful that any mortal being witnessing their awesomeness where all but obliterated. And could not defend them from the dark cruel gods of chaos lead by the nameless beast. To combat this new threat to life in the realm, the Aeons sought out great mortals – the first heroes of legend – and ascended them into new, powerful beings to convey their will. The new gods of Aard had much to do.

In the ensuing battle between the nameless beast and the newly-enlightened and armed mortals, Aard was shattered. The continent split into three massive lands and the countless islands between. What life left there grew – races both mortal and immortal – went on to flourish, naming their newly broken lands in the tradition of some aeons and gods, but the heart of the continent Aard retained its name, as well as the oldest traditions of the Aeons and god-heroes.

In the time of darkness after the great fracturing when Hordak the black Pope of the first and most foul gods faced the The Barbarian King Grayskull and his Sorcerous bride. The Leader of the Hoard was smote on Serpent mountain by the hands of the Barbarian king, who later Died of his injuries leaving behind a great power vacuum as there was no one king strong enough to claim all that the Horde had concurred. The wars between lesser nations was quelled by one, Claude Leopold Alexis Percival Von Auldrant the I. He formed a great holy Empire under his god. Now his grand descendant rules Claude Leopold Alexis Percival Von Auldrant the CCCI. A new darkness has arose, are there heroes left in the world to save it one more time.

The lore of Aard

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