world overview

Holy Empire- A greatly diverse nation, the Empire is an agricultural and Academical power house holding fast fishing fleets, farm lands and great hardwood forest holding, resources heavy. craftsmen and agricultural workers are abound the Empire is very rigidly structured The Serpent mountain looms behind the Spine back mountains that house the dwarf kingdoms, the City of Talbana by the inner freshwater sea its Floral gardens are legendary. Talbana also has many fruit orchards and Talbana Apple Brandy is widely considered the best spirit for the refined gentleman. Fashion in the empire ranges to long dresses for women with headscarves and men wearing Tight slacks, a loose shirt,a belted jerkin or belted tunic. weapons are never displayed by civilians (but it is not illegal to own them or carry them with you just dont let it be seen).
Both men and women have hair cropped short (page boy or pixie for girls is most common) most children are educated with reading writing and basic arithmetic, free of charge. Further education is available and encouraged how ever one must pay. Each district has a Watch lead by a sheriff. The empire is ruled firmly but fairly with The Empire is well liked and seen as a grandfatherly type of man and considered a great war hero being one of the few survivors of the Bright legion. The empire feels it is best suited to bring order to the world and wishes to do so peacefully.

The Republic- Less diverse the hardy people of the republic hold trade above all in there economical function with much of their field used for Beef or sheep ranching and some fishing, the soft pine wood used well but sparingly. The most valuable resource are the freshwater pearls found in the Deep drop lake, free diving fisherman risk life and Limb to collect the dinner plate sized mollusks. a Single Pearl is worth a small fortune. Low reach mountains hold several rich pockets of Iron and copper and silver which they explode much to the Dwarf kingdoms annoyances. Each city state is independent and is responsible for all if its governing and defending themselves, however each one is held by an oath of honor to defend one another. No city state is more popular than tretton, Rich with beer and food Tretton is known for its fall festival and bardic College. Republic people dress how ever they feel how ever many wear a simple wooden holy symbol of their deity of choice, as there free to worship any goodly deity unlike when they were apart of the empire. Many republicans still have great animosity to the empire but do not seek to start any more wars. Each man and woman has a vote in the republic and tally men collect every persons vote on every matter that arises failure to do so can result in steep fines or even imprisonment. Each senator is elected every 4 years by popular vote with the prime minister being elected every 10 years. the current Prime minister Arierwen Lovejoy is stirn and capable woman charismatic in nature and a very skill diplomat and so far has served 3 terms. She feels that all people should be free to make what ever mistakes and victories without heavy restricting rules. And she means to do so by any means necessary.

Xarl’s nation- Behind the Spine Back mountains and reaching all the way to the Frost desert lays Xarl’s nation. Claimed by the magical tyrant Ebenezer Xarl. Xarl’s nation has no Economical base. the land is Poor for farming and the Ore rich mountains are savagely guarded by the Dwarfs. the one resources Xarl has Is magic streams and veins of compressed powerful magical material called Mana stone but access to all of it is brutally keep for Xarl himself. The only standing city on the land is Bartertown more a collection of rough wood shacks and grubby tents. There is no national money system with barter being the only system of currency is trade. The greatest wonder of this nation is Sky cape A massive city made of carved blue stone in the style of an old Azlanti temple a single water fall flows forever over the side. lush greenery is on Skycape for Xarl’s pleasure alone. The military power of Xarl consist of whatever horde of goblin or Orc he can hold within his power and the mysterious Metal men called “Mashin” brutal lifeless dolls that are as intelligent as the world’s greatest generals and as strong as any ten men combined. Only there limited number and need to defend their creator themselves. Xarl cares for nothing but his own pleasures and will lash out violently at anyone or anything that disrupts that goal.

Dwarven kingdoms- The dwarven kingdoms are a collection of powerful and skilled Dwarven principalities that hold their own values and tradition. Each prince ( who is the eldest of the strongest clan) gather in Shining halls Of Galena to choose the fate of the kingdoms, No king has ruled the dwarfs since the death of Magna the great at the hands of his treacherous brother Brutus, how ever Brutus was interned strangled to death by his dying brother. Dwarves triad there ore both raw and worked for what ever they need and with the endless riches of the Spin back mountain there is no end to their wealth. the most coveted material to any dwarf is White steel or as it is commonly called Mithril Rare that it is Whitlockite kingdom holds all mining for the precious ore there prince Durand stands as the First Prince. Riches are important to all dwarfs as is the crafting skills of the forge. Jewelers, weapon smiths, and other metal and stone workers are held as the highest regarded citizens with each political leader needing to honing these skills in order to hold office. Most of the political dwarfs jockey for increased power if not with bribery then other means, expanding one’s personal power is most politicians chief goal that or finding the missing Crown of Fire and claiming the throne as there own.

Orc Tribes- At one time Orcs roamed the Hardwood Forest as well as their Darker skinned and more brutal cousin Uruk’s savaging any one they came across. Tribal in nature the Orcs were ruled by the strongest Uruk and worshiped Lamashtu claiming her as their mother. Warbands savaged the elves and other mortal races, raping, pillaging or and murdering at every opportunity. After the fall of the Horde and the rise of the empire the Orc Tribes had been greatly reduced. Five of the largest tribes or Uruk’s and Orcs using Kobold fodder began a Campaign of devastation aiming to kill all and make a great horde of there own attacking the Elven kingdom that once inhabited the Forest. The Empire at the pleading of the last Elven prince sent forth their legions and push the Orc hordes out of the forest that where there home and into the sea. Most became pirates and corsairs but some started to be traders. No two orc tribes are alike but should there lead be an Uruk then fear for your safety.

Vasha- Dence life rich jungles, hot and muggy, abandoned natural beauty, leading into towing snow capped mountains. Vasha is home to two distinct peoples. The Bharatiya who inhabit much of the dense jungles are an exotic people. They’re typically dark-skinned and dark-haired, sporting an unusual array of eye colors that mirrors those of predatory birds. They typically move with a confident air, and most tend to be as graceful as the rocs they revere. The Bharatiya are ruled by the Maharaja who takes great care of his people (even though he is about 12 years of age). The snow capped peaks of the vasha Mountains are home to the Kangchenjunga People hardier than their jungle living cousins the thought looking very much alike the Kangchenjunga tend to be more weathered and stoic then there jungle kin.

world overview

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