Gods of Aard

Galilei- Master of the First Science
Alignment- LN
Areas of Concern- Cities, laws, merchant’s, wealth
Domains- Earth, Law, Nobility, Protection, Travel
Favored Weapon- Light crossbow
Symbol- White Key
Sacred Animal- Monkey
Sacred Color- Gold, silver

History- The first man to be made a god by the Aeons. An artist, scientist, great Scholar, physicist, mathematician, engineer, astronomer, philosopher and a world traveler. When he was young he invented the first Spyglass to view the stars. Charting their movements, he discovered many secrets, the greatest was that of the Aeon’s existences and prove that the Soul mark was from them. For his many discoveries and all the knowledge he learned and keep safe in his many hidden vaults of knowledge from the dark times of Hordak And his Horde who wished to destroy all knowledge that would raise up the people. He even penned the first codified laws used after the fall of the horde. For this he ascended into godhood to protect knowledge, travelers and wealth.

Asmodeus- Prince of Darkness
Alignment- LE
Areas of Concern- Contracts, pride, slavery, tyranny
Domains- Evil, Fire, Law, Magic, Trickery
Favored Weapon- Mace
Symbol- Red pentagram
Sacred Animal- Serpent
Sacred Color- Black, red

History- Asmodeus the ArchDuke of hell is one of the old gods not formed from a mortal being but from a cosmic force a need for Order the strong preying on the weak. A tyrant that will not Lie but the truth is very flexible, and will always keep his word and contract. When the Great beast and the corrupt old gods were remaking chaos, Asmodeus turned on his former master and helped seal his monstrous progenitor into the eternal prison Tartarus. it’s believed he still holds one of the Seven Keys that seal the gates to this vile prison

Rita- The Savored Sting
Alignment- CN
Areas of Concern- Lust, revenge, trickery
Domains- Chaos, Charm, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery
Favored Weapon- Whip
Symbol- Wasps nests
Sacred Animal- Giant Wasp
Sacred Color- Black, yellow

History- Of the deities, Rita one of a few who throw guile and trickery using her lustful wiles and stole the mantle of godhood from one of the old gods taking over as an immortal of carnal lust revenge and deception. her needs for these things enthrall her followers and the hearts of lesser mortal beings.

Hector- The Drunken Hero
Alignment- CG
Areas of Concern- Ale, bravery, freedom, wine
Domains- Chaos, Charm, Good, Strength, Travel
Favored Weapon- Rapier
Symbol- Tankard
Sacred Animal- Hound
Sacred Color- Silver, tan

History- The drunken hero was the legendary figure a champion for enslaved people a lover of freedom and fine drink. A legendary duelist and freedom fighter the man known as the lucky drunk and his faithful hound freed many from the Horde and believe that no man should hold dominion over another so powerful was his principle that he would risk life and limb to save a stranger. After many years of heroic bravery and many nights of fine drinking and brutal hangovers Hector full sleep one night and woke a god he didn’t know how he became a god but God he was and freedom was his gift… and beer.

Deanna- Queen of the North Star

Alignment- CG
Areas of Concern- Dreams, luck, stars, travelers
Domains- Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck, Travel
Favored Weapon- Starknife
Symbol – Butterfly
Sacred Animal – Butterfly
Sacred Color- Blue, white

Deanna is the queen of the North Stars, one of the first goddesses to rise up holding domain over Liberty, luck and travel. The creator of the all the layers of heaven Deanna traveled far and wide and her love of Liberty and her own freedom lead her to fear interaction with other beings divine or mortal however it is rumored that one mortal a great champion of freedom captivated her and perhaps she had learn to love.

Mielikki- The Huntress
Alignment- LG
Areas of Concern- Family, farming, hunting, trade
Domains- Animal, Community, Good, Law, Plant
Favored Weapon- Longbow
Symbol- A silver Arrow
Sacred Animal- Stag or silver wolf
Sacred Color- Brown, green

History- The Huntress Savage and wild, said to be born of a noble family long ago she was lost as a child she grew with the help of a great stag and a Silver Wolf . Mielikki protected game trails, the communities around them that she grew to love, the order of nature, the web of life, the plants, and animals all came to her she could be part of them one of them and through that she was risen up as their Goddess their Huntress.

The Spartan – The Iron Lord

Alignment- CN
Areas of Concern- Battle, strength, weapons
Domains- Chaos, Destruction, Glory, Strength, War
Favored Weapon- Long spear and shield
Symbol- A Round Shield with a red mark
Sacred Animal- Rhinoceros
Sacred Color- Gray, red

History- None are more powerful, or cunning in the field of battle than the Spartan god of iron, destruction, glory and war. When the first True war was fought among mortal creatures, it was the Spartan That stood last. A mighty General forged in battle revelling in the art war the Spartan clawed his way up into godhood defying the Aeons and claiming his mantle as the Iron Lord, God of War.

Gaia- The Green mother

Alignment- N
Areas of Concern- Nature, the sea, weather
Domains- Air, Animal, Plant, Water, Weather
Favored Weapon- Trident
Symbol- An 8 petal flower dripping nectar
Sacred Animal- All
Sacred Color- Blue, green

History- The first Mortal being to awake on the planet was a male and a female. This female is Gaia, the green mother she protects and loves all things born on the world, plants, animals even the waves and the winds. she learn to speak their Secret languages and taught this to her children and her children’s children. When that which has no true name attacked to bring all to true chaos and destroy all creation. It was She who faced him first holding him in perpetual battle, her mighty arms like the Crashing waves her feet rooted like the mountains her hair whipping like The Willows in the storm her fury was truly great. So Great was her power she temporarily coward the Beast for she was the only one that was his equal her motherly nature and nurturing of all things earned her godhood.

Lady Falcon- Tthe mother of hero’s

Alignment- LG
Areas of Concern- Honor, justice, rulership, valor
Domains- Glory, Good, Law, Sun, War
Favored Weapon- Longsword, Shield
Symbol- Sword and sun
Sacred Animal- Falcon
Sacred Color- Red, White and Blue

History- During the time of ancient Azlanti the First Empire a hero known only as Captain Falcon Attacked the mad Emperors garrisons and fortresses. Rallying the people into Great rebellion against the corrupt government. Admired and beloved, many flock to Captain Falcon’s Cause. At the end of the great rebellion Captain Falcon allow went into the Citadel to defeat the mad Emperor’s machinations, taking off the helmet that the hero war throughout the entire campaign, the greatest secret was revealed that he was a she in a time where women were not allowed to bare swords or ride as men in to battle. The helmet was passed to the son of one of her loyal Generals and he wore it to honor this great hero the first paladin, the goddess of heroes.

Batuo- Master of Masters

Alignment- LN
Areas of Concern- History, knowledge, self-perfection
Domains- Healing, Knowledge, Law, Rune, Strength
Favored Weapon- Unarmed strike
Symbol- Blue hand
Sacred Animal- Snail
Sacred Color- Blue, white

History- Within the ancient monasteries where history and knowledge was recorded and studied. a single monk studying found that his time was waning as his body became frail from long hours sitting among candlelight and studying books. to counter the atrophy he begin to train his body as diligently as he trained his mind. One day while meditated under a Bodhi Tree he found enlightenment, To perfect the mind, one must also perfect the body. with this he gained many powers and became the deity of enlightenment and self perfection.

Lamashtu – Demon Mother

Alignment – CE
Areas of Concern – Madness, monsters, nightmares
Domains – Chaos, Evil, Madness, Strength, Trickery
Favored Weapon – Falchion
Symbol – Three-eyed jackal
Sacred Animal – Jackal
Sacred Color – Red, yellow

History – The creature known as lamashtu was born in the chaotic beginnings caused by the Aeons and was one of the consorts of the nameless beast. A powerful demon lord that followed the creature with no name she was enraged at the betrayal of Asmodeus. rending divinity from a cosmic fabrics to became of Goddess , She was sickened by the order that has been wrought so she sought to destroy it and gave birth to many of the monsters that roam the planet seeking to destroy order and revolving in chaos.

Enki- The All-Seeing Eye
Alignment- CN
Areas of Concern – Magic
Domains – Destruction, Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Rune
Favored Weapon – Quarterstaff
Symbol – Two-toned mask
Sacred Animal – Zebra
Sacred Color- Black, white

History – Before the fall of Azlanti and the rise of the Horde another great Kingdom bordered the islands kingdoms ruled by the god-king Enki, a powerful practitioner of the cosmic forces while studying magic formulas to learn the secrets of the Aethers. he peeked beyond the veil of time and space and behold the glory of the Aeons granting him omnipresent knowledge. However this knowledge drove him insane fractured his personality now a god who truly a represented the duality of magic.

Crow – The Gray Master

Alignment – NE
Areas of Concern – Greed, murder, poison, secrets
Domains – Charm, Death, Evil, Knowledge, Trickery
Favored Weapon – Short sword
Symbol – One-eyed mask
Sacred Animal – Spider or a Crow
Sacred Color – Black, gray
History – Crow’s past is unknown. His followers go to great lengths to keep it that way.

Persephone- The Daughter of Death

Alignment- N
Areas of Concern- Birth, death, fate, prophecy
Domains- Death, Healing, Knowledge, Repose, Water
Favored Weapon- Dagger
Symbol- Spiraling comet
Sacred Animal- Whippoorwill
Sacred Color- Blue, white
History- The only mortal to be made a goddess by the Aeon Grimm. Persephone is considered the daughter of the Aeon of death and rebirth. Stewarding souls in her palace of Bone as they wait to be taken onto the next stage of rebirth, dealing justice for deeds done in life And punish those that cheat death.

The Nameless Beast
Alignment CE
Areas of Concern- Destruction, disaster, wrath
Domains- Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War, Weather
Favored Weapon- Greataxe
Symbol- Fanged spider
Sacred Animal- Scorpion
Sacred Color- Brown, red

History- In the first age the old gods ruled with fear and tyranny. Forged from the primordial forces that made the world And not mortal souls who earned their divinity. None more devastating than the Beast. A being so heinous that even its name has been stricken from the cosmos. It’s only servant Hordak Raised a great Horde of savage things to spread over the newly forged worlds and rain pain and chaos. The Aeons seeing the destruction of their dear project sought out Great mortals and gave them Power beyond that of any. They made Gods and goddess and with the help of a traitor to the beast, The new Deities imprisoned the beast in the chamber of hell fire deep in the celestial earth, and the Mortal Barbarian King Grayskull smote the Black Bishop’s On the serpent mountain.

Áine- The Dawn Maiden

Alignment NG
Areas of Concern Healing, honesty, redemption, the sun
Domains Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, Sun
Favored Weapon Scimitar
Symbol Angelic ankh
Sacred Animal Dove
Sacred Color Blue, gold
History- The Dawn maiden the youngest of the new gods and last to be awakened. Compassionate and merciful, her first order was always to try and help save them those that have fallen into Wicked Ways under under the sway of evil beings. Though she is merciful she’s not without her Fury. When the nameless monster was sealed in Tartarus she sent eternal soler flames to torment and keep his power from seeping out.

Freyja- The Great Beauty

Alignment NG
Areas of Concern Art, beauty, love, music
Domains Air, Charm, Good, Luck, Protection
Favored Weapon Glaive
Symbol Multicolored songbird
Sacred Animal Songbird
Sacred Color(s) All
History- a woman with unparalleled Beauty Freyja and her twin brother Freyr survive the horde and the Darkness and Rose up as Gods of beauty, music and love. But the Beast would not be denied some form of Revenge and sent forth his remaining followers to ravage the new gods. They were unsuccessful save for one. The Taking of Freyr and throwing him beyond the great veil beyond the unknown where the Great Old Ones sleep. Freyja was heartbroken but did not turn away from the people with her great cats Bygul and Trjegul, she made great works of arts and spread love. when her brother returned twisted she tried to save and bring him back but he tormented her killing her beloved cat Bygul and torment her heralds. confronting him she wrested away his great black glaive and cast him out of their domain forever. Now she protects, produced and provides love and art for all.

Moradin- Father of Creation

Alignment LN
Areas of Concern Forges, protection, strategy
Domains Artifice, Earth, Good, Law, Protection
Favored Weapon Warhammer
Symbol Iron hammer
Sacred Animal Badger
Sacred Color Gold, gray
History- The great father of creation was the first true Smith of the world. forging many of the legendary magic artifacts now common place today. magic not because some wizard sowed magic into them or because the material they were made from were inherently powerful, but because they’re so finely crafted and so precisely made they a life of their own Moradin was Smith of Legends and when the gods needed weapons Moradin created them. So powerful where this weapons that their Divinity that all gods demanded he forge their weapons and he did. Even when his fellow gods began in fighting after losing their great adversary and the blood war began between The baatezu and Tanar’ri he still forged for any who would pay his price.

Loviatar-The Pallid Princess
Alignment NE
Pantheon Core Deities
Areas of Concern Disease, gluttony, undeath
Domains Death, Evil, Magic, Strength, War
Favored Weapon Scythe
Symbol Skull-decorated fly
Sacred Animal(s) skull Fly
Sacred Color(s) Red, green

History- The mother of disease and the Beast concert. She took all in to excess and feared death even with her immortality. Unable to give birth to any creature living she stole the secrets of necromancy from Persephone and made many “children” and plagues for her mate but earned the forever irer of the lady of bone castle.

Gash-The Engineer

Alignment LE
Areas of Concern Darkness, envy, loss, pain
Domains Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Law
Favored Weapon Spiked chain
Symbol Chained skull
Sacred Animal Bat
Sacred Color Dark gray, red
History- Freyr was once a beautiful god kind and artistic with his only true love being for his twin sister. when the beast fell and his followers scattered some of the most evil captured the beautiful god as he bathed in the aether streams and throw him naked and unarmed beyond the great void into that which was before with a great old ones sleep. Twisted by the dark energy and the dark pleasures of the beyond. Returning masochistic reveling in the pleasures of pain and suffering. returning he conflicted with his twin sister as his definition of beauty and art had changed, his first Cenobites were twisted mortals mutilated to their masters content. Now dressed in fetishistic black leather Gash tried to engineer his sister into his own meaning of beauty but she resisted and lashed out. in the battle her sword broke and was lost to the mortal seas, but she stole her brothers ebony Glave taking it as her own. Gash was impressed and left his sister in peace an uneasy one.

Gods of Aard

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