The Grand Republic of Grandia

The Grand Republic of Grandia
Alignment neutral good
Capital Slidan
Ruler Prime Minister Arierwen Lovejoy, Senators and all the citizens
Government Senatorial republic
Demonym Republicans, citizens
Adjective Republic
Languages every language
Religions Every Religion save evil ones

The republic is ruled by the people there votes are collected by Tallymen, each Tallyman rides out to EVERY CITIZEN in the republic to manually collect their vote and bring them to the local tally office which calculates the vote’s (normally Ya or Nah) and the totals are sent to the main office to be presented to the senate (comprised of 2 senators per city state) with the Prime Minister announcing the final vote, this takes some time to get done. The current Prime minister Arierwen Lovejoy a prim and proper Elven woman with long blonde hair always done in a severe bun. She is highly respected diplomat who was able to negotiate A lasting trade between Vasha and the republic.

Founded over 200 years ago a group of city states on the border just beyond the Low Reach mountains formed the republic. Hardy and Fiercely independent the City states cared little for there far off imperial rulers and resented the conformity of their Law or how little the public had in the making and enforcing of said law. At first it was just colonial grumbling but like the ripples of a pond the grumbles grow to discontent of imperial rule. Imperial governor Lazaro began to “Crack down” on such talk with harsh punishments and forced labor and heavy fines. Many complaints were sent to the Emperor but none were answered a Riot broke. The 7 day Riot ended when the 22nd imperial legion arrived and clashed with the rioters 35 people were killed in the conflict and a further 70 were jailed or executed as conspirators or instigator. This caused greater unrest but open rebellion would only lead to a bloody response. Quietly the Rebellious city states amassed an army and moved them with the help of the Catfolk gypsy’s quickly and quietly deployed troops and made blockades at nearly every accessible path threatening to strangle the empire. When the empire find them dug in so completely and with the dwarfs pressing the holy trinity for a quick solution as there trade would be disrupted as well. The military analyst of the Empire calculated that any military action against the secessionist would cost a great deal in mortal life and resources so the best interest of the Empire and the world at large to prevent a large-scale warm the Holy Trinity center right of succession the 13th city-states who formed The Grand Republic of E’thania. At first the republic was a mess each state claiming themselves a capital and several small skirmishes were fought. Jander Irons Step up and brought order to this by instituting a senate with each of the 13 city-states represented and the tally office so that every person could vote on all matters of running the fledgling country. Each city-state held its own militia and in times of war each militia would band together as a massive army to defend the republic. The republic began to settle on laws most of them to promote freedom and liberty with each city-state forming around one core ideal that makes the republic great this has lead to very little conformity in the republic or even order as even militia uniforms vary from person to person within the same militia. The tally men were formed shortly after the first prime minister the closes thing to a national policing group with their primary task of collecting every citizen’s and arresting those that fail to vote. The only real conflict was the Jade incursion from the Jade kingdoms, over a diplomatic slight that resulted in the death of one of the Jade Emperor’s favorite nephews. the skirmish were small but brutal and the republic showed itself to be more then ready to defend it self, the Holy empire stayed out of it. Each city state has its own claim to fame but Tretton is considered the jewel of the Republic a beautiful city integrated with the cost of the Deep drop lake and the gigantic sycamore trees meaning the city is built on several levels then just on the ground. the massive bardic College is central to the city the massive concert hall dominating the city square many of the world’s finest bard’s come from Tretton even the Emperor sends their scholars and lore masters to study there.

The republic is a large flat land that by the large river leads to a Thick peaty moors and a mix of soft wood forest and the massive Redwoods by the large lake.


  • The Capital Slidan City
  • Tretton
  • Ett
  • Fyra
  • Elva

Geographical features

  • Mid ridge mountains
  • Deep Drop Lake
  • Verg Moor’s
  • Knight’s forest
  • Pete’s mine’s


  • Tretton Bardic College
  • Capital square
  • Frau Totenkinder mystic emporium
  • The freedom tower construction city

The republic has a diverse group of citizens humans make up two third of the population but with a few cat folk elves and dwarves making up the rest it is very difficult for none humanfolk to gain citizenship.

The Grand Republic of Grandia

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